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Why does the popularity of an organic food-producing company increase worldwide?

In the 21st century, the demand for organic foods is increasing due to their vast health benefits. Even modern food-producing technology uses its unique technology to create the best organic foods for the global people.

Facts about an organic food producing company

Vega is an international brand that makes plant-based nutritious products. in 2004, Charles Chang and Brendan brazier established this company in Burnaby. in 2015, the founder of this company sold this company to Whitewave foods. This company is famous for producing vegan protein powder and protein bars. The headquarters of this company is situated in Burnaby and British Columbia.

Products details of this company

This company’s huge range of products line includes protein snacks, protein shakes, organic food supplements, protein powder, and protein bars. All its products are vegan certified and non-GMO verified. This company uses pea-based protein to make its protein powder, supplements, and energy drink. Each of the products is available in various flavors and serves 20grm of plant-based protein.

What is a protein bar?

A protein bar is a nutrition bar that contains a high proportion of protein and carbohydrates. Many organic foods-producing companies use plant-based protein to make this bar. It can be a great energy bar that is useful for kids who prefer to consume chocolates daily. The organic protein bars are great in taste and serve nutritional benefits to both kids and adults. This protein bar also contains vitamins and useful minerals.

What is protein powder?

Protein powder is very famous among health-conscious people. Protein powder is made from the extracted protein sources of plant and animal-based foods such as dairy, eggs, peas, and rice. Protein powder acts as a dietary supplement. it is an excellent post-workout meal

Vega one is an excellent protein powder that contains all the plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This protein powder can be a wonderful meal for daily consumption. This protein powder is free from whey protein, gluten-free, no added sugar, no preservatives, and no artificial fragrance and flavors.

Ingredients of this protein powder

1. Organic pea protein

2. Sunflower seed

3. Pumpkin seed

4. Kale

5. Broccoli

6. Blueberries

7. Spirulina

8. Pomegranate

9. Golden flaxseed

10. Organic chia seed powder

Nutritional benefits

This protein powder is an excellent source of vitamin D, A, C, plant protein, and antioxidants with huge health benefits. such as-

1. Vitamin D is useful to maintain bone density, strengthen the bone structure, reduce knee pain, cure osteoarthritis, fight heart disease, reduces depression and mood swings, boosts weight.

2. Vitamin A is good for eye health, improves eyesight, reduces night blindness, reduces the risk of cancer, reduces the risk of acne, and improves reproductive organs’ function.

3. Vitamin C is essential to build strong immunity, reduces stress, fights against common cough and cold, lower the risk of stroke, improve skin health, hair texture, reduce wrinkles, and fine lines

4. An antioxidant is useful for building strong immunity, reducing cancer-growing cells, improving heart health, improving the nervous system, strengthening the tissues, and reducing the sign of aging.

5. Protein is essential for building muscle health, reduces the appetite for hunger, increase muscle strength, improve bone health, boosts metabolism, maintain blood pressure level, repair the body tissue after injury, and maintain energy level.

List of organic product

Vega Canada is an optimum source of plant-based food for maintaining overall health. It is an excellent source of all effective minerals and nutrients that can provide all health benefits, as discussed above. The other products are as follows-

1. Organic grade B maple syrup

2. Extra virgin olive oil

3. Organic oatmeal

4. Pure black forest honey

5. Gluten-free pasta pack

6. Organic brown rice protein powder

7. Plant-based collagen-building protein powder

8. Organic apple cider vinegar

9. Organic coconut sugar

10. Organic vanilla protein bars

Reason for consuming organic foods

Artificially processed foods may create various skin diseases, fungal infection, diarrhea, create problem in the stomach, affect the digestive system, affect the heart health, reduce the kidney functions, and affect the hormonal balance of the adult and affects the nervous system of the kids and the older adult. Thus the requirement for organic foods is increasing because of their vast health benefits. Organic foods can maintain your heart health and improve the digestive system.

But you should consult with a doctor before buying any food supplement because the dosage of the supplement may vary as per your health condition and age. Pregnant women and children try to avoid the food supplement because of their health benefits.