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Why do you need a mold inspector for Mold Inspection and Testing in San Francisco Bay Area

How Does Mold Grow?

There is only one thing mold needs to develop and that is moisture. This can be caused by an intrusion of water, condensation, or even excessive humidity.

The possibility of water intrusion is present at any time in the home. Water leakage, flooding or burst pipes, damaged roofs or sump pumps that fail – all of these are likely to cause moisture on indoor surfaces. When mold begins to develop on damp surfaces, it releases spores into the air.

These spores could cause two main problems:

1. Health Problems People living in the house will be exposed to the spores of mold. It can cause symptoms resembling a cold, such as coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and headaches. The symptoms will persist for a while until mold can be eliminated from the area.

2. Structural Problems Mold spores are tiny, which means they are able to penetrate into areas that aren’t visible and cause mold to grow there. Below the ceiling tiles, under flooring, mold will continue to grow and cause harm to the building structure of the house.

Need a Mold Inspector

If you think you may have mold growing within your house or workplace you should hire a certified mold inspector to conduct an extensive investigation. They have the right equipment and know-how to look everywhere for signs of mold growth, even in places where you might not notice it.

It is not the case that every property or client requires a mold inspection. In some instances, the growth of mold is evident while in other cases the alert to mold is simply a warning. If you do not need to look for an inspection of mold, the mold inspector will inform you and help you save many thousands.

Inspection By Mold Inspector

A thorough inspection using a thermal image camera and moisture gauge, together with surface and air samples will provide you with details that can benefit you in a variety of ways. The process of removing mold is much more laborious and involves a lot more steps than a normal remodel. The report we provide will provide precise details about if there’s an issue and the cause and how you can solve it. There is a chance that the results are in a way that isn’t too high or low enough to be able to do the cleaning yourself. The other aspect could be when you need to hire an expert mold remediation service to restore your indoor quality to the normal level.

When the experts perform mold inspection, it is their responsibility that they show their clients all the information they discover regarding the presence of water damage or infestations is concerned.

Final Thoughts

Beware of scams that come from firms that offer a low-ball price upfront, only to add fees that aren’t disclosed once they get their foot on the ground. Request an inspection to professional who can perform a thorough mold inspection as well as mold testing to ensure that you make sure you get rid of any mold that is present and avoids any growth.