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Why can it be productive to grow banana plants

Banana is one of the commonly eaten fruits all around the world because of its nutritional value and taste. This yellow-colored fruit is mostly eaten when ripe, but some people also cook dishes made of green banana. This plant grows in tropical regions and is from the family of grass. You often buy a bunch of bananas from the market, but it would be better if you grow your own banana plants. These small plants can be ordered online; therefore, buy plants online. In this way, you would be able to use its other parts, which you otherwise cannot use. As this is from the family of grass, it has no branches, and leaves grow from the stems, which are straight. The leaves of banana plants are broad, and these trees can reach up to the height of fifteen feet. 


Advantages of banana for human health 

This small fruit is full of many nutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron. This fruit has vitamins, also like vitamin b6 and some amount of vitamin c. You can decrease the level of cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart diseases if you consume one or two bananas every day. This fruit can cure your digestion problems like heartburn and gas trouble. If you have anxiety or feeling stressed, grab a banana, then peel it off and eat it. This can change you, and you will be cheerful. This trick definitely works, so next time, consume banana if you are not in a good mood. You can get more energy from the banana, and after eating a banana, your stomach will not demand more food because this can reduce your appetite. 


What are the different species of banana? 

There are numerous varieties of banana. There are also dwarf varieties for you to grow in your home. Money bananas and sugar bananas are small-sized bananas. There can even be bananas in colors other than their usual yellow color like Pink or Red banana. They look different in color from the outside, but their flesh looks the same as normal bananas. Lady Finger banana and Cavendish bananas are commonly eaten. One kind of banana is used as vegetables and is cooked in various dishes. There are also varieties like the Ducasse banana and Plantain banana. 


What is the procedure of growing a banana tree? 

It takes almost a year or more than a year to get bananas, so it requires patience. While doing the shopping of indoor plants online, you can buy small banana plants as this would be easier for you to grow from a small plant. You can also get baby plants from an already grown tree as small plants start to grow with a fully grown banana tree from its rhizome. You should take proper care of your banana tree, keeping in mind its requirements of water, fertilizers, etc. Some people initially grow banana plants in a pot then shift them to a big place. This can help in saving banana from animals and extreme weather by effortlessly shifting from one place to another. 


How to take care of your banana plant? 

With proper care and attention of the banana plant, one can get the desired fruit of the banana. The bananas grow in clusters, which can be heavy, and owing to this; Its tree can fall off. These plants can also fall due to strong wind. Therefore, one should provide support to these plants. Animals like monkeys, bats, or some animals can damage ripe bananas or even when it is green. Gardeners cover the clusters of bananas with bags when they are about to ripe. Although banana plants can survive in dry conditions, it only gives fruit if watered regularly. On the other hand, overwatering can cause root rot in a plant. You should also fertilize your banana plant once a month. The dead and dried leaves or suckers of banana plants must be removed so that the plant can focus on its crucial parts. The trees must be planted after leaving the amount of space in which it can get enough sunlight and water. 


What are the edible parts of a banana plant other than its fruit?

Almost all parts of a banana plant are edible. Banana peels can be used for treating many types of skin problems if using the white side of the banana peel to either rub it or tie it on the affected part. Once the tree bears fruits, it can be chopped off because banana plants give only one in their lifetime. Some south Indian people cook the inner white of the stem after removing the outer layers. This part has and can also have some other nutrients. They also eat some parts of the flowers of this plant, which can be in purple color. Moreover, eating banana leaves cause no harm if eaten as these are also edible, but these are mostly used to serve and cover food items. There are some dishes as well, which are made using banana leaves.