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Top 10 Most Timeless Games to Play on PC

Playing games on a PC is one of the most entertaining pastimes. We tend to play games whenever we want to be in a good mood, whenever we want to enjoy ourselves with our friends, or simply if we want to pass the time. Overall, playing games on PC is fun and enjoyable—just as long as it is not taken to a point where you will become addicted.

Although there are a lot of PC games out there, the problem is that most of these games are not entirely free. For those who have enough money to purchase these games, lucky for you. But for those who are not, it is unfortunate as most of the paid PC games are among the most awesome games to play. But there’s no need to worry about it now as you can play free games on PC through

Through, you can now play hundreds of free games on your PC. Aside from downloading it for free, it works on all kinds of PC specs. Whether you own a high-end or a low-end PC, the games will run smoothly and flawlessly, giving you a better gaming experience.

As mentioned earlier, we have tons of free games available. But here are our top 10 picks of timeless games that you can play on PC. 

1. Among Us

Among Us is one of the most popular games that you can play on PC. Its game mechanics are pretty straightforward—if you play the crewmate, make sure to complete all the tasks and discover who the impostors are. But if you play as the impostor, make sure to kill all your crewmates before they complete all the tasks. It may be this simple, but when you start to play the game, there you’ll experience deception and arguments. And that is what makes the game exciting and, at the same time, frustrating. 

2. Roblox

If you want to unleash your creativity by creating a game or if you want to play a game that others have created, play Roblox. Developed by Roblox Corporation, Roblox is a massive virtual universe that lets you create, play, and be anything that you want. Your imagination is only the limit in this game. So, if you want to see where your imagination goes, play Roblox now.

3. Alto’s Adventure

If you’re in for a visually-appealing game with simple gameplay mechanics, play Alto’s Adventure. From the developers of Noodlecake Studios, Inc., this endless runner action game takes you on a bewildering adventure. You will journey across different places such as alpine hills, woodlands, villages, and more, all while grinding on flag lines, rescuing llamas, and escaping elders. Moreover, the game also features six playable characters, each with different charms. If you want to immerse yourself in this endless adventure, Alto’s Adventure is the right game you should play.

4. Brawl Stars

From the gaming powerhouse Supercell comes the highly-played fast-paced game of Brawl Stars. This 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale game is great for those who are up for intense matches in quick successions. Unlike most battle royale games, most of its matches last only in less than 10 minutes. Despite its short average gaming time, it comes with multiple game modes and a great array of brawlers and skins to choose from. It even comes with multiple championship matches and seasonal events that will surely make players immerse more in the game. For avid gamers, this action game is one that you don’t want to miss.

5. Call of Duty Mobile

If you want to go into a realistic military battle, you should play Call of Duty Mobile. From the developers of Activision, CODM is one of the most-played shooting action games to date. From its action-packed and highly intense gameplay down to its high-quality graphics, this game is very entertaining. Like most FPS games, CODM comes with challenging game modes like Deathmatch, an awesome bunch of characters, and a whole lot more. See how amazing this game is by playing Call of Duty: Mobile on PC!

6. Garena Free Fire

If you’ve seen the movie Battle Royale or The Hunger Games, then you can easily imagine how to play Garena Free Fire. Published by Garena, Free Fire is an adventure-action battle royale game released to the public in 2017. In this game, you and 49 other players worldwide will pit against each other on a remote island for survival. Whoever is the last man standing wins the match. If you think you are ready for this kind of challenge, play Garena Free Fire on PC now.  

7. Genshin Impact

If you love playing the fantasy kind of RPG with gacha elements, play Genshin Impact. In just months after miHoYo released the game to the public in September of 2020, millions of players have already praised the game for its visually-appealing graphics, a vast map to explore, and adorable characters. What’s more, it also accepts cross-play, so you can use one account to play on various platforms. See for yourself how amazing Genshin Impact is!


8. Minecraft

When you think of voxel-based games, what goes at the top of your mind is always Minecraft. And that’s because it has been generally considered as a staple already by many players. Released to the public in 2011, Minecraft is one of the best all-time favorite games to play on PC. The goal of this game is simple—you build, you explore, you break, you play with friends, etc. In other words, you can do anything in this game; that’s what makes it popular, even today. Explore the freedom that this game offers today.

9. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

If you’re a gamer who usually plays with friends or if you love to play team match-ups, go for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game is one of the top favorites ever since it was released in 2016. Besides being the easiest MOBA to play, MLBB offers fun characters with great aesthetics and personality, balanced gameplay, and best of all, there’s always action in every minute of the game. Ultimately, Mobile Legends is one game that you shouldn’t miss out on.

10. PUBG Mobile

From the developers of PUBG Corporation, PUBG Mobile is another action-adventure battle royale game that you should try out. In fact, most players generally considered PUBG to be the reason why the battle royale genre rose to popularity despite being developed for quite some time. Like other battle royale games, your objective is to be the last man standing in the round. But what makes PUBG Mobile outstanding is that it provides players with a realistic gunplay experience.

If you want to try out these amazing games on this list and see why they are an all-time favorite, visit today. All these games are free to download and play.