Conduct Online Classes And Collect Subscription In 4 Easy Steps

Small business owners such as language tutors, yoga school owners and personal fitness coaches are in for great times. Why?

The reason is simple. Most of these businesses have used WordPress Development Services to build their websites. So far,they were conducting their classes online, but collecting fees from their students only in offline mode – either through cash, or via credit cards or through normal banking channels.

The good news is that with the introduction of new tools such as the Recurring Payments button and the Calendly block, it is now possible for them to collect fees from their studentsonline and directly from their own websites.

In case you are an instructor and interested to include these features in your existing website, then you can easily do this by hiring WordPress development services.

Below are the steps that will help you set up either your own subscription-based service, or move your existing classes online.

Add a “Subscribe” page on your website

The purpose of this page is to promote the subject that you are teaching amongst your students and to explain them its benefits. You will need to provide them a convincing story of how they can gain by enrolling themselves into your course and offer them a few subscription options (different frequencies and price points) that suit them.

To make your case stronger you can add a few video testimonials of students who had enrolled in your course earlier on and benefitted from it.

Use the Recurring Payments feature on your website

This feature allows you to collect payments from your students at regular intervals (recurring payments). Activation starts as soon as soon the feature is implemented.

With this feature on your website, students not only from your own country, but also international students from other countries can make payments to you. For this they will only need to enter their credit card details and make the payment and then they will be charged automatically every month or every year.

As a business owner, you will only need to create a Stripe account, which is a global money transfer service. Your WordPress development services provider will be able to guide you to set up this account for you, so you can start collecting payments.

Create a scheduler on your website using the Calendly Block

As you would be offering classes online, your students can choose the time of the class based on your availability and the time that suits them. A Calendly Block is very helpful in this regard as it balances your availability with the preference of your students.

Simply put, you have to select the specific dates and the timings of your classes and your students will be able to select a free slot from your schedule. Besides this main feature, there are a host of other features that are available.

Select the video conferencing tool to conduct the class

There are numerous tools available that you can use to conduct video based online classes. Some of the popular tools that will work with your WordPress websites are Zoom, Google Hangouts and Skype. Zoom has in fact put together a very helpful and handy tutorial for teachers and instructors who conduct online classes.

These tools allow you not only to share your screen, but also send files, or host a session for one, or multiple people in a lecture-style format.


As a WordPress website owner, you are well-placed to offer online classes to your students and charge online fees from them directly from your website. In this way you can fundamentally improve the learning environment and save valuable time that would have been lost in commuting.

If you are motivated and committed in your purpose, then it is advisable to hire WordPress development services to implement the above mentioned modifications in your website today.

About The Author :

Myself  Mouzzam  Jafri  Head of Internet Marketing at Techindiasoftware. I have 6+ years of experience in IT Industry. My passion is in writing about Internet Marketing Currently I am writing about how to choose Best Shopify Web Development Services In India & Magento Development Company.

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How to Increase Business in 2021?

The economies of different countries have globally taken a huge hit with the Pandemic. This is the age of Technological advancements and digital connectivity that has been affected but as a business, it is essential to know how you can still appeal to the nature of your targeted customer base. The consumer is someone who needs certain things that are useful in his daily life, the Pandemic has altered that lifestyle so it is up to the business to identify the needs of its consumers and come up with the best solutions possible. These are some of the ways that can help your business grow and adapt to the changes.

  1. Be the Social Butterfly
    The time and the current situation demands that we alter the old ways of doing business. The whole world is connected online. There are a number of social media platforms and networking sites that help us stay connected with people from around the world. Over the years, these social media platforms have also adapted to the needs of the modern world and have introduced the concept of FaceBook Shops and Instagram Shopping.
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 With this imp step, it is easier for your business to reach the target audience and maintain a relationship with your customers.

  1. Identify What People Want
    When you are socially connected to your customers and request for their regular feedback, you will be able to analyse how the market trends are changing and you will be able to identify what does your customer need. In these trying times, the lifestyle of many people has forcefully changed and so, it will help your business grow if you can identify what your customers are in need for and provide them with products for the same, then your business will surely grow and prosper.
  2. Host Events/ Giveaways

A successful business is one that engages with their consumers and interacts regularly with their target audience. This helps in increasing your consumer base and helps build brand loyalty. You may always open to option to hire a team to asssist your online audince  on your behalf. You can anytime hire small  dedicated team for maintaing regular discusssion with your prospects.. You may contact
You can host events on particular festivals or national holidays that people can relate to or you can interact with them and ask for their suggestions. You can also post some question and ask for their answers and make them into lottery-like events. All these ways can help your business reach increase greatly.

  1. Go Digital from Home
    One thing that the pandemic has taught us, is that we need not go to the offices to get the work done. Most of our work can be done online. The Work from Home concept has been an old thing but with the Pandemic, it has been popularised.
    So, you can come online with simple and easy process –
    All you have to do is – Set up your social media pages.
    Hire a small digital marketing team, come live with small website, work little on your branding. Don’t forget, beautiful online presence of your service/ product will seek the attention of your customer.
    You can see this agency they are doing pretty great in helping you to set up your business online. You will find solution to


  1. Speedy Customer Service – answer your customers
    One of the cons related to online business is the inability of the customer to make sure how the quality of their chosen product is or making other queries. However, businesses are not able to provide a good customer service to their potential customers which leads to losses and a decreased brand loyalty. In order to turn the tables in to your favour, it is essential that you adopt various methods to ensure a speedy customer service so that your consumers feel valued and choose your business and your services over others leading to an increase in your business.
  1. Ensure Privacy
    In the last five to ten years, there have been instances of growing concerns of the people regarding their privacy and security online. As a business, it is essential that you make your customers feel safe with all the data that they provide you while logging in and transacting for your products or services. Updating your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions can be the first step you can take in doing so. Rather than giving long explanations in the form of paragraphs, you can divide the most important points and rank them up with crisp headings, so that the consumer doesn’t feel intimidated by such large documents.

As you can see, these are some of the most reasonable ways to make the most of this Pandemic in the year 2020 and in the future ahead. We, at Kreative Captains, also hope to bring about some changes in the businesses of our clients through our marketing and advertising skills. Visit our website to check out our services.

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At the beginning of every one of the search engine optimization campaigns, a methodical auditing is prepared free of recognizing where as well as who your company is, it wouldn’t steer your website to a position where it should not reach. The SEO services USA scrutinizes the code, approach to industry information, website content, and link building summary; whatever thing is keeping you from it, you’d be counseled to repair it. What questions might your clients pose to you? Which customers or the definite target market should you aspire for? Conjure up the exploration of keywords that your probable clients might visualize. Constructing a keyword collection that responds to shopper’s necessities is crucial to each SEO movement. Professionals hope to be on recognizable terms with the meaning subsequent to dissimilar keywords inside a theme, developing a collection of objectives that can represent customers at every constituent of their purchasing requirement. Solicitous research of valid keyword as well as scrutiny in addition to the keyword mapping continues you to be in charge of a website premeditated to call upon your targeted audience as well as the market.

Tips to design a great logo for your team

Have you realized that you are instantaneously able to recognize a sports team just by looking at the logo? A logo is a very important part of your team, and makes a huge impact.  In actuality, it is one of the most important things present on your custom team uniform and other merchandise.
It can easily be described as the face of your team and almost all the time it is the first thing people notice on your uniforms and merchandise. A logo gives your team an identity and recognition. A lot of people spend heaps of money into creating an amazing custom sports team uniform but what they fail to do is put in the effort make a nice attractive logo. This simply makes their amazing team uniforms look ordinary. A logo is what makes the uniform pop and in these cases the logo is what makes their uniform look average. There are many factors that you must pay attention to when designing a logo to make it eye-catching and memorable. Here are a few tips that will help you design the most amazing logo for your team.

  1. Use crisp and clear fonts:
    The fonts in the logo should always be clean and crisp. Your logo should be clear and readable from a distance. What you want to do is make a strong impact on the field and not force your fans and spectators to decrypt or decode what’s written on the logo. Leave out the cursive delicate fonts and other weird fonts for hotels and wedding cake designers, stay bold, keep everything readable and understandable and make a strong impact!
  2. Along with the fonts add use mascots and graphics:
    Just having bold words written on your jersey will never make an impact, oh but you pair them with a mascot or a graphic, it will definitely make a strong statement. Try to incorporate clean and simple mascots or graphics which the people can see and make out from afar. Avoid too much details as the printing process may ruin the outcome. So again just keep it simple but keep it strong.
  3. Choose bright colors that are contrasting to your uniform colors:
    Now this really is common sense. What’s the use of the logo when it won’t even be visible? You might have designed an exceptional black colored logo, but if your custom team uniform is also black or is dark colored people won’t ever be able to see your logo. Always choose contrasting colors so that your logo is visible and readable. Don’t hesitate to go for bright colors. Choose the ones that look good with your team uniform colors and make that logo pop.
  4. Picking the right size is crucial
    Now you might have done everything right. You might’ve selected a nice bold font. Put in a nice graphic and might’ve selected the most perfect contrasting colors. But you still might not have a very great logo because the size is all wrong. I’ve seen a lot of people put large texts and a small mascot and other put in large graphics and small texts. Both of them do not look appealing. You’ve simply got to have the right balance. The text size should be proportionate to the graphic and nothing should be overpowering each other but instead should marry with each other and complement each other.

    I assure you that if you follow these tips you’ll definitely come up with the most amazing logo for your custom sports team uniforms and other merch.

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E-commerce Opportunities For Everyone

In today’s world, everything has moved online. If you want to learn mathematics, websites like edX and Khan Academy are available at your fingertips. If you want to listen to the latest music that is topping the charts, websites and apps like YouTube and Spotify are one click away. The one common thread between these four companies- and the thousands of others that are thriving and highly profitable- is that they are e-commerce ventures. This clearly shows the numerous opportunities that the internet provides for those who would like to start an e-commerce business. 


Are you curious yet? If yes, stick around! In this article, I will explore the reasons why starting an e-commerce venture is a great idea, talk about the different types of e-commerce ventures, and, most importantly, guide you through the process of setting up an online business yourself.


What is e-commerce?


Before we delve into the world of e-commerce opportunities, let’s first understand what e-commerce exactly means. E-commerce is the shortened version of electronic commerce and is also known as internet commerce. As the name suggests, it is the buying and selling of goods and services that is facilitated by the internet. Nowadays, you can buy virtually all goods online- Myntra for clothes, Big Basket for groceries, Pepper Fry for furniture and Amazon for everything. Many services can also be delivered online, the most popular examples being education and entertainment. Other services can be ordered online; for example, Urban Clap allows you to order cleaning and spa services online. 


Given that e-commerce has become so commonplace, it is likely that it has impacted your life in some way.


Impact of e-commerce


E-commerce has revolutionized the world and completely changed the way we do things. The following are some ways in which it has affected our lives:


    • An alternative way of shopping: The growth of e-commerce was largely fueled by the increase in the number and size of online retail stores such as eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba. Alternatives to physical stores and showrooms opened up in a large number of areas- from clothing to grocery shopping. This is an amazing development, as it allows those of us who are not able to travel to stores to easily buy what we want by signing up for these e-commerce websites.

    • More convenient and efficient: Shopping at a physical store can be really tiring and time-consuming as we spend a lot of time searching for the product that we wish to buy. It is worse when it is a store that is completely new to us. We have to spend time familiarizing ourselves with the organization of the store and even more time hunting for the specific product we have in mind. Shopping online is far, far more convenient and efficient. All you have to do is enter the product name in the search box and in a matter of seconds, results appear on the page and you can make your selection. What fifteen, twenty or thirty minutes in physical stores is done within a minute online.

  • More choices: We are no longer limited by the physical availability of products. Products from all across the world are available on Amazon and Alibaba. Take the example of books. The books that you are able to buy on your Kindle may not even be on sale in your country.

  • Financial independence: There are innumerable opportunities available for anyone with an internet connection to make money online. Therefore, you can create a second source of income, which can be a passive source of income- an income source that isn’t tied to your time, like the revenue from a YouTube video. You can take this opportunity to take a step towards your financial independence (I will be writing about all the e-commerce opportunities available further in the article).


It is clear that e-commerce has had a beneficial impact on our lives. But is it a good idea for you to start your online business?


Why start an online business?


E-commerce is relatively new, so many are sceptical about conducting business online. If you are not convinced that starting an e-commerce venture is a good idea, here are some reasons why it is:

  • It is a growing industry: E-commerce is a sector that is expected to grow in the future, especially in countries like Mexico and India. In 2019, e-commerce sales grew by 35% in Mexico and 31.9% in India. As more and more people have access to the internet, more and more people will look for digital alternatives for buying goods and services. Therefore, you can be assured that you will find customers for your business.

  • It is more convenient and (in most cases) less expensive: You don’t have to worry about obtaining real estate for an office, as you can operate the business from your bedroom (although this depends on the type of your business). This also means that you don’t have to worry about monthly rent payments, which reduces the operating expenses of the business.

  • It would be easier to obtain customers: You can use digital marketing to attract customers to your website. For example, you can create an ad on Facebook that links to your website. Moreover, you will be able to reach customers from all across the world- such is the power of digital marketing tools.

  • You can operate your business from any location: You don’t have to entrust your precious business to someone else when you are away on a vacation, as an online business can be operated from any location (that offers internet).


Convinced yet? Let’s move on to understanding the different types of online businesses.


What are the different types of e-commerce businesses?


E-commerce businesses can be divided into a variety of categories based on the type of activity that is being performed. Under each category, there are a variety of e-commerce opportunities for you to take advantage of.




These opportunities allow you to sell goods. If you manufacture products that you would like to sell, have creative work that you think other people would like or you would just like to get rid of some items that are cluttering up your house and make money in the process, this category is perfect for you. Retail opportunities can be further subdivided as follows:


  1. Anything you want: You can sell absolutely anything on these websites.
    1. Amazon
    2. Shopify
    3. eBay
    4. Bonanza
    5. eBid
    6. Flipkart
    7. Listia

  2. Artwork: This is specifically for works of art, including paintings, handmade items (such as bookmarks), graphic design works, jewellery, postcards, etc.
    1. Etsy
    2. Creative Market
    3. ArtPal
    4. Designhill
    5. MyFonts

  3. Photography: Although you can also sell photography on some of the websites mentioned in the previous point, you might want to check these out as they are dedicated to photography.
    1. ShutterStock
    2. Adobe Stock
    3. 500px
    4. iStock
    5. Fotolia
    6. Getty Stock
    7. Stocksy




If you would like flexibility in working hours, freedom to choose who you work for, and (most importantly) perform work that you love, freelancing would be a great career path for you. And there are many websites that make this a possibility. Again, there are tons of competing websites out there and the following are just a few of them:


  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork
  4. PeoplePerHour
  5. SimplyHired
  6. Crowded 
  7. FlexJobs
  8. Freelance Writing Gigs
  9. Guru
  10. Craigslist


Content Creation


This opportunity allows you to share your ideas and knowledge with the world. This can be further broken down based on the medium of delivery:


  1. Blogging: It’s very easy to get started with blogging. There are many platforms that allow you to create a website for your blog: 
    1. Squarespace
    2. WordPress
    3. Weebly
    4. Wix
    5. Site123

  2. Writing an ebook: You can also self-publish a book or short story you’ve written. There are many platforms for writers who would like to do this: 
    1. Kindle Direct Publishing
    2. iBooks
    3. IngramSpark.

  3. Creating a YouTube channel: I think all readers of this article are familiar with YouTube videos. This is another e-commerce opportunity that you can take advantage of if you are comfortable sharing your thoughts in front of a camera.

  4. Podcasting: Podcasts are rapidly gaining popularity. If you want to create a podcast yourself, the following are some websites where you can host your podcast:
    1. BuzzSprout
    2. Podomatic
    3. SoundCloud
    4. ZenCast
    5. Simplecast

  5. Online courses: Online courses are great sources of passive income. Once you’ve created a course, as many people can take it as they want, making you money indefinitely. If you would like to share your knowledge about a topic, the following platforms will allow you to do so:
    1. SkillShare
    2. Udemy
    3. Teachable
    4. Kajabi


Digital Marketing


Companies are constantly trying to expand their reach and sell their products. This is why there is so much potential in the area of digital marketing. Moreover, digital marketing is the main way that content creators get paid. There are different types of digital marketing techniques:


  1. Advertisements: YouTube has AdSense, which is a program that allows you to earn money from your YouTube videos. You can also earn money by putting up ads on your website, using Google Ads, Facebook Ad, and Amazon Ads.

  2. Social media marketing: You can also get paid for promoting a company’s products on your social media.

  3. Affiliate marketing: This involves promoting another company’s products by attaching a link to their products (in your websites or in your videos). Many companies participate in affiliate marketing programs, including Amazon, eBay and Coursera.




Knowing how to code also opens up several e-commerce opportunities. One way in which you can use your coding skills is by becoming a freelance coder. The other way is to create something original:


  1. Building apps: You can use Xcode to build an app and launch it on the App Store by creating an Apple Developer Account.

  2. Web design: This is usually done using HTML and CSS. Some knowledge of graphic design also helps.


Those were the 5 categories of e-commerce. But to get started you must take care of some important first steps.


Getting started with your business


It is very easy to get started with your own e-commerce venture by following a few simple steps:


    1. Choose your venture: Choose one or more of the e-commerce venture categories that most appeals to you.
    2. Select the right website: There are many e-commerce websites under each category for conducting your business. Do your research and select one (or more) of them. For example, if you want to become a freelancer, you can create an account to find gigs on Fiverr as well as Freelancer.
    3. Create an account: All websites ask you to create an account as the first step. You just have to enter your name and email address and verify it.
    4. Provide additional verification: In the case of retail or freelancing, you would also have to verify your identity using an identification document like a passport. Along with this, you will also have to provide payment information.
    5. Set up your profile: After you’ve created a verified account, you can embellish your profile with details. On sites like Amazon, you can write about the products you are selling, their beneficial features, price, etc. On freelancing sites, you can add your educational experience and portfolio items. Make your profile stand out to attract customers.
  • Get started: Start selling your product, bid on projects, make your app live, etc. Promote your venture on social media to gain exposure.


Apart from these basic steps, there are other things that you may have to take care of.


  1. Legal aspects: Consult an expert to find out if there are any regulations about your business. For example, do you have to obtain a license for starting your online business?
  2. Financial aspects: You might have to open a new bank account for your business. Again, it’s better to get expert consultation.


As we’ve seen, there is no shortage of e-commerce opportunities. Whether you want to find a job or sell your creative work, there is a place for you online. Hopefully, this article has illustrated the online business opportunities available to you and clarified the first steps you must take to get started. So, what are you waiting for?

Choose Your First E-Commerce Product

In case you’re simply hoping to sell an item and don’t a lot of care what it is, you can peruse Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace and other huge web based business stages to discover what’s hot. Investigate a timeframe and note what’s reliably acceptable. Try not to bounce on prevailing fashions; search for patterns. A craze vanishes quick, yet a pattern has fortitude. In case you’re seeing a specific sort or kind of item show up reliably across stages and after some time, you’re presumably taking a gander at a pattern.

Consider twirly gigs, which had huge achievement rapidly and afterward passed on quick. You would prefer not to do that, particularly in case you’re managing physical stock and not simply outsourcing. You may end up sitting on stock you can’t sell. Patterns are significant. Trends aren’t. The best way to gain by a craze is to get it toward the beginning so you can get off the wave before it passes on. It’s obviously better to pick something with some backbone.

Picking the correct item is basic for any online business, and on the off chance that you need to discover achievement you will need to invest the energy in. With these tips, you’ll be solid and steady to locate your ideal item.