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Preserve Your Kanchipuram Silk Sarees As New With These Tips

Of course, Buy Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Online  have their special place in the wardrobe of women. Although there are different fabrics such as cotton, georgette, syntentic, Chiffon, Satin, Crepe, lycra etc. in the world sarees, silk is still adorned as precious by every woman. It is considered as a treasure and passed on to generations. Thanks to the elegance, beauty, sheen and the tradition carried by this amazing piece of cloth. It is the perfect outfit for any type of occasions and ceremonies.

You have invested a significant amount of time, money and efforts to buy your lovable attire, so, you would like to keep as pretty as possible, right? Here are some simple yet useful tips to preserve your expensive silk dresses.


Quick washing tips if you do at home

It is better to simply dry the saree in shade for three consecutive uses without washing. After this, if you don’t want to give in to dry cleaning and are ready to wash at home, avoid washing in hot water. Only cold water is best for washing the silk fabric. And don’t use any harsh detergents or chemicals to wash the silk materials. It is recommended to use only mild washing liquids, specifically mentioned for silk clothing. You can use baby shampoo as it doesn’t have any chemicals.

You can also use natural alternatives like soap nuts and soap berries instead of detergents and washing powders.  Soak 10-15 pieces of pods of soap nuts in water overnight. On the day, you are going to wash, remove the seeds and squeeze them for the extract of soapy and foamy pulp. Filter the solution and mix it with water and start using this diluted solution in the place of washing liquids.

However, don’t forget to color-bleed the saree before you start washing. Don’t squeeze the saree to remove the excess water. Avoid drying it in the direct sunlight. Don’t keep it wet for long times and dry it as soon as possible. This helps in retaining the color of the Buy Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Online as a new one.

Maintaining, packing and storing

You can’t treat all types of sarees as the same in maintenance. Indeed, the amount you have spent on buying the saree would tell you how much care you should take to preserve them. In general, there are certain factors that would impact on the quality of the saree including changes in climate, the storage area where you stack them and the way you store them.

Since Buy Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Online are mostly heavy, they need unique care from you and how well you manage, you can maintain its glow for years.

Just like any other fabric or attires, silk dresses too need airy spaces for better breathability of the fabric. Always store the silk clothing separately and don’t mix them with other chiffon or cotton sarees.

Frequently, change the folding of the saree and this will avoid deep folds on the saree and the chances of tear at those areas. It’s common among Indian women to keep naphthalene balls in a cloth cupboard to get rid of cockroaches and insects, however make sure that these balls don’t get in direct contact with the silk material as they will cause stain.

If the saree has any heavy embroidery work or embellishment, then it is mandatory that you fold them every often inside out, thus preventing the chances of tat or snag. Don’t use hangers to store these kinds of heavy work sarees, as they soon start to stretch down to the weight of work and tear the saree.

Store the sarees in a clean and pure cotton cloth, especially the ones with zari work. With the practice of folding the zari part inwards and storing those as it is will help to retain the sheen of clothes over time. Always keep an eye on your precious silk clothing when you are going to iron them. Make sure the iron box is set to low temperature or you can set it to silk. Steam iron is recommended for silk attires for best results. Don’t directly press the saree using the iron box. Cover the saree material with a cloth and avoid the direct heat to be applied to the fabric. Don’t do forth and back activities while ironing, as they can make stretches in the saree and damage it.

The very best thing about silk clothing is that it can be a woman for any function and for any age group. Let these prized assets be preserved carefully with these essential tips.