How Vista Rooms is providing the best customer experience

Today, customers have the power, not the businesses.

Who gave them this power? Us — with the help of technology and easy accessibility.

Customers have a number of options to choose from at their fingertips along with the resources necessary to educate themselves and make purchases/use services on their own.

This is why it’s so important to provide a remarkable experience and make them want to continue doing business with you. Customers are your best resource for growing your brand awareness in a positive way and generating word of mouth in turn providing more referrals.

Below are a few learnings on how a good customer experience can benefit your business:

Increased spending: Harvard Business Review found that customers who had the best past experiences spent 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experience.

Loyal Customers: The HBR study showed that when customers of a subscription-based business had a good experience, there was a 74% chance that they stayed a member for a year. There was only a 43% chance that they remained a member if they had a bad experience.

Lower Churns: While it may require additional upfront costs to improve customer experience, the extra investment is worth it. Customer churn and managing bad customer experiences are often more expensive than setting up a system for great experiences from the start. Sprint found that they reduced customer service costs by as much as 33% when they shifted their focus to customer experience.At Futwork, we have been working with Vista Rooms to provide a seamless experience for their customers without any hassle leveraging the power of tele-calling.
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Using the power of tele-calling we were able to provide their customers with the best experience by giving them real-time support and handling customer grievances.

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