Top 10 Most Timeless Games to Play on PC

Playing games on a PC is one of the most entertaining pastimes. We tend to play games whenever we want to be in a good mood, whenever we want to enjoy ourselves with our friends, or simply if we want to pass the time. Overall, playing games on PC is fun and enjoyable—just as long as it is not taken to a point where you will become addicted.

Although there are a lot of PC games out there, the problem is that most of these games are not entirely free. For those who have enough money to purchase these games, lucky for you. But for those who are not, it is unfortunate as most of the paid PC games are among the most awesome games to play. But there’s no need to worry about it now as you can play free games on PC through

Through, you can now play hundreds of free games on your PC. Aside from downloading it for free, it works on all kinds of PC specs. Whether you own a high-end or a low-end PC, the games will run smoothly and flawlessly, giving you a better gaming experience.

As mentioned earlier, we have tons of free games available. But here are our top 10 picks of timeless games that you can play on PC. 

1. Among Us

Among Us is one of the most popular games that you can play on PC. Its game mechanics are pretty straightforward—if you play the crewmate, make sure to complete all the tasks and discover who the impostors are. But if you play as the impostor, make sure to kill all your crewmates before they complete all the tasks. It may be this simple, but when you start to play the game, there you’ll experience deception and arguments. And that is what makes the game exciting and, at the same time, frustrating. 

2. Roblox

If you want to unleash your creativity by creating a game or if you want to play a game that others have created, play Roblox. Developed by Roblox Corporation, Roblox is a massive virtual universe that lets you create, play, and be anything that you want. Your imagination is only the limit in this game. So, if you want to see where your imagination goes, play Roblox now.

3. Alto’s Adventure

If you’re in for a visually-appealing game with simple gameplay mechanics, play Alto’s Adventure. From the developers of Noodlecake Studios, Inc., this endless runner action game takes you on a bewildering adventure. You will journey across different places such as alpine hills, woodlands, villages, and more, all while grinding on flag lines, rescuing llamas, and escaping elders. Moreover, the game also features six playable characters, each with different charms. If you want to immerse yourself in this endless adventure, Alto’s Adventure is the right game you should play.

4. Brawl Stars

From the gaming powerhouse Supercell comes the highly-played fast-paced game of Brawl Stars. This 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale game is great for those who are up for intense matches in quick successions. Unlike most battle royale games, most of its matches last only in less than 10 minutes. Despite its short average gaming time, it comes with multiple game modes and a great array of brawlers and skins to choose from. It even comes with multiple championship matches and seasonal events that will surely make players immerse more in the game. For avid gamers, this action game is one that you don’t want to miss.

5. Call of Duty Mobile

If you want to go into a realistic military battle, you should play Call of Duty Mobile. From the developers of Activision, CODM is one of the most-played shooting action games to date. From its action-packed and highly intense gameplay down to its high-quality graphics, this game is very entertaining. Like most FPS games, CODM comes with challenging game modes like Deathmatch, an awesome bunch of characters, and a whole lot more. See how amazing this game is by playing Call of Duty: Mobile on PC!

6. Garena Free Fire

If you’ve seen the movie Battle Royale or The Hunger Games, then you can easily imagine how to play Garena Free Fire. Published by Garena, Free Fire is an adventure-action battle royale game released to the public in 2017. In this game, you and 49 other players worldwide will pit against each other on a remote island for survival. Whoever is the last man standing wins the match. If you think you are ready for this kind of challenge, play Garena Free Fire on PC now.  

7. Genshin Impact

If you love playing the fantasy kind of RPG with gacha elements, play Genshin Impact. In just months after miHoYo released the game to the public in September of 2020, millions of players have already praised the game for its visually-appealing graphics, a vast map to explore, and adorable characters. What’s more, it also accepts cross-play, so you can use one account to play on various platforms. See for yourself how amazing Genshin Impact is!


8. Minecraft

When you think of voxel-based games, what goes at the top of your mind is always Minecraft. And that’s because it has been generally considered as a staple already by many players. Released to the public in 2011, Minecraft is one of the best all-time favorite games to play on PC. The goal of this game is simple—you build, you explore, you break, you play with friends, etc. In other words, you can do anything in this game; that’s what makes it popular, even today. Explore the freedom that this game offers today.

9. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

If you’re a gamer who usually plays with friends or if you love to play team match-ups, go for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game is one of the top favorites ever since it was released in 2016. Besides being the easiest MOBA to play, MLBB offers fun characters with great aesthetics and personality, balanced gameplay, and best of all, there’s always action in every minute of the game. Ultimately, Mobile Legends is one game that you shouldn’t miss out on.

10. PUBG Mobile

From the developers of PUBG Corporation, PUBG Mobile is another action-adventure battle royale game that you should try out. In fact, most players generally considered PUBG to be the reason why the battle royale genre rose to popularity despite being developed for quite some time. Like other battle royale games, your objective is to be the last man standing in the round. But what makes PUBG Mobile outstanding is that it provides players with a realistic gunplay experience.

If you want to try out these amazing games on this list and see why they are an all-time favorite, visit today. All these games are free to download and play.

Global Cloud POS Market Analysis: Ken Research

The Cloud POS (Point of Sale) is web-based POS systems where the transactional information is transmitted through remote cloud services. The end-users of the web-based POS avail this solution through a subscription basis instead of paying for the software. These systems can be easily installed on mobile devices and data can be accessed at any time from any Internet-connected mobile or computer device.  The system operates on client-side hardware, and with the help of remote servers the information can be processed & integrated with multiple sales channels.

According to study, “Global Cloud POS Market to reach USD 6.08 billion by 2026” the key companies operating in the global cloud POS market are Cegid Group, Clover Network, Inc, Celerant Technology, EPOS Now, Kounta Holdings Pty Limited, ShopKeep, Future POS, ERPLY, NCR Corporation, and Oracle Corporation. The key players are adopting a partnership program with Information Technology (IT) giants to expand its cloud POS solution that can be compatible with several operating platforms such as mobile, desktop, and tablets. The vendors operating in the market are operating in various regions through partnerships, value-added resellers and system integrators to enter the untapped markets in Asia-Pacific region.

Based on component, the cloud POS market is segmented as software components and services components. The services segment includes support & maintenance and training, consulting, and integration services. Based on organization size, the market is segmented as large enterprises and small & medium enterprises. In addition, based on the application area, the market is segmented as travel & hospitality, retail & consumer goods, media & entertainment, healthcare, and transportation & logistics. The travel & hospitality segment includes staff management, reporting, restaurant & table management, kitchen management, and others. Retail & consumer goods include labor scheduling, inventory management, shelf space management, cash management & checkout, and scale management. Media & entertainment includes in-theatre dining management, cinema operations management, digital signage management, and cash desk management. The healthcare segment includes invoicing, inventory management, and reporting & analytics. Additionally, the transportation & logistics segment includes operations management, vehicle inventory management, payroll management, and operation management.

The cloud POS market is driven by an increase in business mobility & flexibility, followed by improved service delivery and efficient management of POS terminals across multiple locations. However, skepticism regarding cloud-based offerings may impact the market. Moreover, the increase in cashless transactions in different countries and rise in demand for eCommerce transactions in retail & consumer goods applications are key opportunities for the market.

Based on geography, the Asian-Pacific region holds a major share in global cloud POS market owing to the rise in the adoption of various associated services in the region. Whereas, the European and North-American regions are estimated to witness higher growth rate due to the proliferation of cloud computing over the forecast period. In upcoming years, it is predicted that the future of the global market will be bright as a result of growth in investments in cloud technology worldwide coupled with increase in the number of non-cash transactions during the forecast period. The global cloud POS market is valued approximately US $1.29 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow with a healthy growth rate of more than 21.38 % over the forecast period 2019 to 2026.

For More Information on the Research Report, refer to below links: –

Global Cloud POS Market Analysis

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Point of Sale Software Market by Software Setup (Cloud-Based and Native), by Product (Mobile POS and Terminal POS), and by End-User (Retail, Government Sector, Healthcare, Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Warehouses, and Others): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2017 – 2024

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Ken Research

Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications


Why React Native Framework is a Preferred Hybrid Mobile App Platform

For Free consultation

Cross-Platform Frameworks have gained popularity over Native mobile development over the years. The primary advantage in using Cross-Platform development approach is that it saves time and reduces development expenses as it uses the same code across Android and iOS platforms.

React Native has matured as a leading cross-platform application development framework over various others. In this article, we will see why react native leads the race.

Write Everything in JavaScript

Developers love JavaScript. The lean and fast nature of JavaScript allows you to write and also run the code without using much resources. React Native is written on JavaScript. Such lightweight approach is a boon for a mobile developer, given the resource constraints he will have in running a sleek app on the device.

Community is the king in open source world

React Native Community offers great support in jumpstarting your app development. There is so much offered by the ever-growing community of react native developers. The added advantage is the backing from Facebook Developers Forums, another great community embracing the framework.

Reduce and Reuse

The component-based development in React Native lets you create components that can be reused across the project and in cases, multiple projects as well. The components work the same across Android and ios thus reducing the effort you need to put to support two platforms. The more reusable components you build and use the less is the effort in the full lifecycle – development, testing and release.

Built for Mobile

React Native is exclusively built for Mobile. The UI layer built in React Native is more responsive as close to those developed in Native development and in some cases even better. The very nature of ground up development of the framework built for mobile gives it the edge.

Tons of Tools and Libraries

NPMs, Github forks and other third-party platforms provide a plenty of tools and libraries helping the developers solve their application problem. You can get an assembly line of testing tools, Integration libraries for Maps and Standard UI controls etc.

To Summarize, React Native offers great advantages to developers and business owners in conceptualizing and developing their mobile application. It is a perfect solution for most use cases you would want to solve on a mobile application. It is a mature cross-platform application development framework that reduces cost and increases productivity. More importantly, developers love them for its simplicity!

We hope this article provided you the information that you have been looking for. For further details, discussion, queries, and doubts on the above topic, contact us on

DumpsCompany Exam Questions

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Automation of Networking: Integrated and Adaptive Tools

Digital Transformation:

Smart automation enables planning, maintenance, critical room monitoring, etc. The NOC empowers to manage all the equipment like module failures, UPS on battery, etc. Tons of monitoring helps in running all the equipment effectively from the starting point. Digitization really helps in the lockdown and pandemic period.

Automated SOAR

The current networks operate super quickly. Unreasonably fast, really, for individuals to keep up. While manual mediation is critical for the high-end planning and troubleshooting (conventionally to correct the human mistake), most standard networking tasks, for instance, configuring, provisioning, managing and testing, can be automated using Network Operations Center – NOC service tools.

The equivalent is relatable for security. With a broad and flexible Security Fabric, you can consolidate automation with your techniques to help better with ensuring and preventing against known threats entering your network. By then you can detach the threat and send significant data against it.

Known as SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response), the cycle is predicated after having total interconnectivity among security devices, real-time threat detection and an incorporated security policy anticipated over the network. This is the key benefit of an overall security fabric.


Security isn’t an add-on. It must be significantly embedded in your entire network movement. Take SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area-networks) for instance. Most SD-WAN offerings convey networking capacities and need to operate related to a security package to protect branches. That is two dealers, two operating systems and two sets of experts to keep the traffic moving. SOAR gets troublesome.

Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution improves this plan by collaborating both SD-WAN and security into one device. This reduces business risk and total cost of ownership.

Digital transformation is letting you upgrade, standardize and integrate a security fabric from a single vendor to replace your legacy solutions.


The main variable in your digital transformations. The cloud, SD networking, automation process and managed services have all enormously influenced the market over the last few years. Unfortunately, adversaries are using these same tools to steal, corrupt or upset your data and applications. Your best protection is to expand your reliable security policy into your network at each period of development.

A security fabric with a log of security APIs, scripts and connectors enable your DevOps teams to fuse security at each step of your network development measure, regardless of what the technology development is. Adaptable security reduces the threat of any gaps in your network as you change your network to get a handle on the digital path.

Managed security services

Consistent security requires reliable assistance, automated or manual. It is the phenomenal enterprise undoubtedly that has all of the internal resources to remain in ahead of attackers. There are many ecosystems of ‘visionary’ managed security service providers (MSSPs) that offer the overall Fortinet Security Fabric on a pay-as-you-go operational costs basis.

This security obtaining model declines starting initial costs – provides fast protection and limits the in-house requirement for security specialists. Likewise, it gives the foundation for a reliable technique that can be connected as reasonable.

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E-commerce Opportunities For Everyone

In today’s world, everything has moved online. If you want to learn mathematics, websites like edX and Khan Academy are available at your fingertips. If you want to listen to the latest music that is topping the charts, websites and apps like YouTube and Spotify are one click away. The one common thread between these four companies- and the thousands of others that are thriving and highly profitable- is that they are e-commerce ventures. This clearly shows the numerous opportunities that the internet provides for those who would like to start an e-commerce business. 


Are you curious yet? If yes, stick around! In this article, I will explore the reasons why starting an e-commerce venture is a great idea, talk about the different types of e-commerce ventures, and, most importantly, guide you through the process of setting up an online business yourself.


What is e-commerce?


Before we delve into the world of e-commerce opportunities, let’s first understand what e-commerce exactly means. E-commerce is the shortened version of electronic commerce and is also known as internet commerce. As the name suggests, it is the buying and selling of goods and services that is facilitated by the internet. Nowadays, you can buy virtually all goods online- Myntra for clothes, Big Basket for groceries, Pepper Fry for furniture and Amazon for everything. Many services can also be delivered online, the most popular examples being education and entertainment. Other services can be ordered online; for example, Urban Clap allows you to order cleaning and spa services online. 


Given that e-commerce has become so commonplace, it is likely that it has impacted your life in some way.


Impact of e-commerce


E-commerce has revolutionized the world and completely changed the way we do things. The following are some ways in which it has affected our lives:


    • An alternative way of shopping: The growth of e-commerce was largely fueled by the increase in the number and size of online retail stores such as eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba. Alternatives to physical stores and showrooms opened up in a large number of areas- from clothing to grocery shopping. This is an amazing development, as it allows those of us who are not able to travel to stores to easily buy what we want by signing up for these e-commerce websites.

    • More convenient and efficient: Shopping at a physical store can be really tiring and time-consuming as we spend a lot of time searching for the product that we wish to buy. It is worse when it is a store that is completely new to us. We have to spend time familiarizing ourselves with the organization of the store and even more time hunting for the specific product we have in mind. Shopping online is far, far more convenient and efficient. All you have to do is enter the product name in the search box and in a matter of seconds, results appear on the page and you can make your selection. What fifteen, twenty or thirty minutes in physical stores is done within a minute online.

  • More choices: We are no longer limited by the physical availability of products. Products from all across the world are available on Amazon and Alibaba. Take the example of books. The books that you are able to buy on your Kindle may not even be on sale in your country.

  • Financial independence: There are innumerable opportunities available for anyone with an internet connection to make money online. Therefore, you can create a second source of income, which can be a passive source of income- an income source that isn’t tied to your time, like the revenue from a YouTube video. You can take this opportunity to take a step towards your financial independence (I will be writing about all the e-commerce opportunities available further in the article).


It is clear that e-commerce has had a beneficial impact on our lives. But is it a good idea for you to start your online business?


Why start an online business?


E-commerce is relatively new, so many are sceptical about conducting business online. If you are not convinced that starting an e-commerce venture is a good idea, here are some reasons why it is:

  • It is a growing industry: E-commerce is a sector that is expected to grow in the future, especially in countries like Mexico and India. In 2019, e-commerce sales grew by 35% in Mexico and 31.9% in India. As more and more people have access to the internet, more and more people will look for digital alternatives for buying goods and services. Therefore, you can be assured that you will find customers for your business.

  • It is more convenient and (in most cases) less expensive: You don’t have to worry about obtaining real estate for an office, as you can operate the business from your bedroom (although this depends on the type of your business). This also means that you don’t have to worry about monthly rent payments, which reduces the operating expenses of the business.

  • It would be easier to obtain customers: You can use digital marketing to attract customers to your website. For example, you can create an ad on Facebook that links to your website. Moreover, you will be able to reach customers from all across the world- such is the power of digital marketing tools.

  • You can operate your business from any location: You don’t have to entrust your precious business to someone else when you are away on a vacation, as an online business can be operated from any location (that offers internet).


Convinced yet? Let’s move on to understanding the different types of online businesses.


What are the different types of e-commerce businesses?


E-commerce businesses can be divided into a variety of categories based on the type of activity that is being performed. Under each category, there are a variety of e-commerce opportunities for you to take advantage of.




These opportunities allow you to sell goods. If you manufacture products that you would like to sell, have creative work that you think other people would like or you would just like to get rid of some items that are cluttering up your house and make money in the process, this category is perfect for you. Retail opportunities can be further subdivided as follows:


  1. Anything you want: You can sell absolutely anything on these websites.
    1. Amazon
    2. Shopify
    3. eBay
    4. Bonanza
    5. eBid
    6. Flipkart
    7. Listia

  2. Artwork: This is specifically for works of art, including paintings, handmade items (such as bookmarks), graphic design works, jewellery, postcards, etc.
    1. Etsy
    2. Creative Market
    3. ArtPal
    4. Designhill
    5. MyFonts

  3. Photography: Although you can also sell photography on some of the websites mentioned in the previous point, you might want to check these out as they are dedicated to photography.
    1. ShutterStock
    2. Adobe Stock
    3. 500px
    4. iStock
    5. Fotolia
    6. Getty Stock
    7. Stocksy




If you would like flexibility in working hours, freedom to choose who you work for, and (most importantly) perform work that you love, freelancing would be a great career path for you. And there are many websites that make this a possibility. Again, there are tons of competing websites out there and the following are just a few of them:


  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork
  4. PeoplePerHour
  5. SimplyHired
  6. Crowded 
  7. FlexJobs
  8. Freelance Writing Gigs
  9. Guru
  10. Craigslist


Content Creation


This opportunity allows you to share your ideas and knowledge with the world. This can be further broken down based on the medium of delivery:


  1. Blogging: It’s very easy to get started with blogging. There are many platforms that allow you to create a website for your blog: 
    1. Squarespace
    2. WordPress
    3. Weebly
    4. Wix
    5. Site123

  2. Writing an ebook: You can also self-publish a book or short story you’ve written. There are many platforms for writers who would like to do this: 
    1. Kindle Direct Publishing
    2. iBooks
    3. IngramSpark.

  3. Creating a YouTube channel: I think all readers of this article are familiar with YouTube videos. This is another e-commerce opportunity that you can take advantage of if you are comfortable sharing your thoughts in front of a camera.

  4. Podcasting: Podcasts are rapidly gaining popularity. If you want to create a podcast yourself, the following are some websites where you can host your podcast:
    1. BuzzSprout
    2. Podomatic
    3. SoundCloud
    4. ZenCast
    5. Simplecast

  5. Online courses: Online courses are great sources of passive income. Once you’ve created a course, as many people can take it as they want, making you money indefinitely. If you would like to share your knowledge about a topic, the following platforms will allow you to do so:
    1. SkillShare
    2. Udemy
    3. Teachable
    4. Kajabi


Digital Marketing


Companies are constantly trying to expand their reach and sell their products. This is why there is so much potential in the area of digital marketing. Moreover, digital marketing is the main way that content creators get paid. There are different types of digital marketing techniques:


  1. Advertisements: YouTube has AdSense, which is a program that allows you to earn money from your YouTube videos. You can also earn money by putting up ads on your website, using Google Ads, Facebook Ad, and Amazon Ads.

  2. Social media marketing: You can also get paid for promoting a company’s products on your social media.

  3. Affiliate marketing: This involves promoting another company’s products by attaching a link to their products (in your websites or in your videos). Many companies participate in affiliate marketing programs, including Amazon, eBay and Coursera.




Knowing how to code also opens up several e-commerce opportunities. One way in which you can use your coding skills is by becoming a freelance coder. The other way is to create something original:


  1. Building apps: You can use Xcode to build an app and launch it on the App Store by creating an Apple Developer Account.

  2. Web design: This is usually done using HTML and CSS. Some knowledge of graphic design also helps.


Those were the 5 categories of e-commerce. But to get started you must take care of some important first steps.


Getting started with your business


It is very easy to get started with your own e-commerce venture by following a few simple steps:


    1. Choose your venture: Choose one or more of the e-commerce venture categories that most appeals to you.
    2. Select the right website: There are many e-commerce websites under each category for conducting your business. Do your research and select one (or more) of them. For example, if you want to become a freelancer, you can create an account to find gigs on Fiverr as well as Freelancer.
    3. Create an account: All websites ask you to create an account as the first step. You just have to enter your name and email address and verify it.
    4. Provide additional verification: In the case of retail or freelancing, you would also have to verify your identity using an identification document like a passport. Along with this, you will also have to provide payment information.
    5. Set up your profile: After you’ve created a verified account, you can embellish your profile with details. On sites like Amazon, you can write about the products you are selling, their beneficial features, price, etc. On freelancing sites, you can add your educational experience and portfolio items. Make your profile stand out to attract customers.
  • Get started: Start selling your product, bid on projects, make your app live, etc. Promote your venture on social media to gain exposure.


Apart from these basic steps, there are other things that you may have to take care of.


  1. Legal aspects: Consult an expert to find out if there are any regulations about your business. For example, do you have to obtain a license for starting your online business?
  2. Financial aspects: You might have to open a new bank account for your business. Again, it’s better to get expert consultation.


As we’ve seen, there is no shortage of e-commerce opportunities. Whether you want to find a job or sell your creative work, there is a place for you online. Hopefully, this article has illustrated the online business opportunities available to you and clarified the first steps you must take to get started. So, what are you waiting for?

Instagram Marketing Guide For Beginners

Instagram has gained much popularity amongst the social media platforms over the past few years and today, Instagram is contributing as a major power player in the field of social media marketing. However, there was a time when Instagram used to be the younger, immature sister of Facebook where people would filter their pictures and just communicate with their family and friends. But now the scenario has changed and most of the businesses have adopted Instagram as one of their main revenue generating tools. Additionally, today Instagram has over 1 billion active users out which 25 million are business profiles with over 2 million advertisers.

If you are thinking of taking your business online or maybe starting your online business then Instagram could be an ideal platform for you. Here is a definitive guide for Instagram which you must follow in order to attract the audience and to become a successful Instagram marketer.


Why should you use Instagram for marketing?

We can say that Instagram acts as a staple of many small businesses’ marketing campaigns. Moreover, it sponsors a large and diverse audience that would love to engage with the brands directly, resulting in the high engagement of audience. Various researches and studies also show that this engagement can be translated directly into the sales and leads resulting into enormous revenues.

Researches also show that:

  •  Around 80% of the users follow at least one brand profile on Instagram out of which 60% of the users have already accepted that they have discovered new products or services through this platform.
  • Almost 72% of the users have already purchased a product that has appeared on their Instagram feed.

Also, the people are happy to follow their favourite brands and business profiles on Instagram, and they have been discovering and purchasing the products and services on the platform very actively. That’s truly a big opportunity for the e-commerce businesses to grow their audience along with their revenue. Furthermore, Instagram is also putting continuous efforts to embrace e-commerce which has resulted in the emergence of Instagram as a perpetual platform for online businesses.

Instagram ads are truly impactful in reaching a wide audience with excellent results and high engagement opportunities. After a business profile reaches a threshold of 10,000 followers on Instagram, they acquire “Swipe Up” links which they can add to their Instagram Stories to directly drive the traffic to the site they are promoting which was otherwise difficult to do on the other platforms.


Advertising on Instagram:

Instagram was quite slow to emancipate the advertising privileges to all the users for a while, but at present if you are having a business profile then you can run an advertisement easily on Instagram.

It took little a bit of time for Instagram to release the advertising privileges to all the users but the advertisers have 5 ad options today including:

  • Photo Ads: These ads are your typical Instagram post format that you can find easily on the platform.
  • Video Ads: Video ads are same as the photo ads, but with a video instead of photo.
  • Carousel Ads: These ads are in the slideshow format in which multiple images can be inserted and promoted.
  • Stories Ads: These are the ads which appear on the stories of the users at the top of their Instagram feed.
  • Collection Ads: These are the ads that take your users directly through your product offerings.


Why you should be investing in Instagram Ads?

According to a research conducted by Instagram, around 60% of people accept that they often discover a variety of new products on their Instagram feed, and almost 20% of users frequently visit or follow a business profile every single day or a two. Additionally, 33% of the most admired Stories on Instagram are shared by the business profiles just like yours. Hence, we can say that spending a handful amount of money for a post will definitely escort to more exposure and following for your brand, as well as you can gain more control over who can see your post which could be the best thing, Instagram can offer to their users.


Cost of Advertising on Instagram:

Instagram marketing is based on the CPM (cost per impressions) model. However, it’s surprising to know that Instagram ads on an average receive much higher engagement as compared to Facebook ads and in addition to that Keith Baumwald, founder of Leverag Consulting also stated that Instagram ads are slightly costlier than Facebook ads. Moreover, Keith also claims that since the ads are so highly targeted on Instagram that you could even end up paying an amount around $5 a CPM.

Furthermore, the average CPC(Cost Per Click) value on Instagram is $0.70 whereas the CPC value on Facebook is $0.35 which is just half of Instagram’s CPC. Therefore, from this data, we can conclude that the figure tends to be higher for the Instagram users between the age group of 18 to 44. 


How to optimize your Instagram Profile using Hashtags?

Using hashtags under every post is a popular and most common practice done by the business profiles on Instagram to optimize their profile so that the posts can reach a larger audience and attract them towards their business profile.

You don’t need to do much, you just have to enter the text after the # symbol to your Instagram caption, bio, or maybe story so that you could turn any word or phrase into a clickable topic and when the users click on that hashtag they will be directed to all the public posts related to that hashtag. And now, with the advanced upgrades, people can even follow the hashtags of their interest. This is an effective and significant solution for the users as well as the businesses because they can stream the content just by using the hashtags even if they don’t follow the poster.

How to use different types of hashtags?

You need to use the correct Instagram hashtags in order to fully expand your reach and get the most out of the Instagram marketing including the maximum revenue and audience.

There are generally 5 major types of hashtags that plays a very crucial role in expanding your e-cmmerce business:

  1. Branded Hashtags: Most of the brands on Instagram usually have a unique branded hashtag. These brands often attach their branded hashtags to almost all of their posts. These hashtags can even be placed on your Instagram profile, and you can also encourage the users to attach it to any posts by sharing user-generated content. For example, Adidas can use their branded hashtag as #adidas.
  2. Contest Hashtags: Contest hashtags are usually a part of the branded hashtag that are often created by the brands for a specific contest or a giveaway on Instagram. These hashtags are usually used for the purpose to easily identify the contest entries for either photo submission contests or to generate the overall contest awareness. For example, hashtags like #instacontest or #giveaway can be used.
  3. General Appeal Hashtags: We can often find a variety of hashtags that are very admired on this platform by a large and diverse audience. These hashtags can also help you to reach a significant amount of audience on your posts because they’re more likely to be sought out. For example, #supercars, #fitness are some of the general appeal hashtags that you may find on Instagram.
  4. Niche-Specific Hashtags: Almost all the businesses on Instagram usually have specific phrases and keywords that are mainly relevant to their target audience only. These hashtags won’t get you much reach like the general-appeal hashtags do, but they may help you in getting the most relevant traffic to your business which could be more effective. For example, #smartphone if you are selling a mobile phone or related items.
  5. Timely Hashtags: These hashtags can be used for the upcoming or ongoing events or festivals. Timely hashtags are most effective when you factor in selling the focused occasions or holidays like Christmas or maybe a holiday trip to Singapore. People are most likely to search the content that’s trending right now.


How to give the Followers an inside look by posting Stories?

According to a research, almost half of the Instagram’s active users are often found engaged with viewing or posting the Instagram stories every day. On the top of that, it is also found that almost 66% of the Instagram users believe that stories are very effective and impactful platform where the consumers and brand can interact easily and conveniently 

You can also use Instagram stories to entertain your followers or even to show behind the scenes look about the progress of your business. But it does not stops for so less to offer, you can do a lot more with the Instagram stories.

After all, by adding stories to your Instagram profile you have more chances of interacting directly with your followers. You can add various tags and stickers in your stories or you can ask some questions about your business or customer satisfaction whether by polls, rating or by answering the questions so that you can connect directly with your followers quickly and efficiently. Moreover, you can even highlight your Instagram stories if you want them to stay on your profile for a longer period.

How to use all the tools that Instagram offer?

Here is the list of some of the most popular Instagram tools that you must use to navigate your way through the app:

  • Know all of Instagram’s filters, Special effects and Editing tools: You have a gather a creative team which can help you to manipulate your photos in order to get the most visually captivating results. I would rather prefer to manually edit my posts by brightening them or adjusting the saturation and contrast of the photo or maybe from time to time using the tilt shift to create an artistic, hazy background. 
  • Try the suite of business tools offered by Instagram to help your business get a better understanding of its performance: The most common analytics tools of Instagram mainly involve the account insights such as number of impressions, reach of the profile, views on the profile, clicks on the website, call clicks and even clicks on the email. All the business profiles on Instagram have the access to this feature, doesn’t matter whether they’re paying to the advertiser or not. Business profiles on Instagram also get the benefits of insights into their following which mainly includes the gender breakdown, age range, top locations, and the days and times of the week your follower base is most active on the platform.
  • Always stay Insta-smart: At present Instagram is growing rapidly, and the advertisers have experienced a huge success rates through this platform so far. Instagram has already offered a lot of opportunities as well as support to various businesses on the platform. Moreover, they have a fully different section which is offered to their dedicated business owners and marketers. So in my opinion, you should be subscribing the Instagram for the business blogs in order to stay ahead of the competition.



How to Build a Complete Marketing Strategy on Instagram:

Instagram is the most promising and definitive platform for the ecommerce businesses and from my personal experience, I would recommend to add Instagram to your business’ marketing roster. You can discover a lot on Instagram to successfully operate and grow your e-commerce business, you just have to embrace it fully by exploring several divergent features exuberantly by posting regular content that could attract most of the target audience to maximize the sales and revenue of your business and you can even engage with your audience much easily and conveniently. It is often quite astonishing to know how quickly you see the results pouring into your profile. 


Technology to make your workplace safer

Everyone wants to feel secure where they paintings, be that during a manufacturing factory with quite a few risky system, or maybe to your wellknown workplace building. When you feel safe, you experience at ease, and that comfort allow you to paintings better and be greater productive.

There is already a number of fitness and protection system and protocol organizations need to navigate via, however notwithstanding this, there are regrettably serious accidents (and worse) taking place often in corporations all around the usa.

One component that can restriction injuries and horrific conditions is the implementation of digital technology and hardware that may help make your place of job be lots more secure. Here are a number of the maximum interesting ones.

Conveyor Belts
Due to the character of the paintings, production centers can be a very risky location to be, due to the excessive volume of people and heavy machinery. One of the excellent approaches to make these places safer is to limit the amount of interaction employees need to make all through the assembly method. Conveyor belts can try this, because it removes the need for employees to manually transport substances from one stage of the manner to any other, proscribing the risk of again strain and other injuries.

Not handiest are they a awesome manner to restrict physical exertion, they also can accelerate the system, making matters significantly extra productive. Plus, they even give you the possibility to sort fabric as you transport them, depending at the type of conveyor you operate. There is an entire host to pick out from on fluentconveyors.Com, which can be used to create a custom production solution to your commercial enterprise.

Mobile Devices
This is perhaps the most reachable of safety gadgets as pretty lots all of us within the workplace can have one. The reason cell telephones are right instance of technology is they may be used for a big selection of protection capabilities. They can look up the suitable system in dealing with certain volatile situations and tasks, however additionally, they have the skills to screen critical things inside the place of job.

Mobile gadgets can be used to reveal noise degrees, to make sure that your place of work is quiet enough to avoid ear harm, and some devices can even be used to degree air high-quality so that you can restriction the amount of pollution you’re getting.

Equipment Monitoring
One of the primary motives humans get harm even as using device is due to the fact a gadget became defective and become no longer repaired. The cause which can had been the case is employees won’t were aware about the fault.

New era has burst onto the scene which permits people to monitor the repute of their equipment over the internet thru intuitive sensors. These sensors can music variables including temperature, humidity, noise, and vibration and if any of these metrics fall out of the greatest range, then employees will be right away notified over the net in real time. This manner humans can get speedy maintenance that no longer only limits the probabilities of damage, but also helps hold the system working at its satisfactory, which can boost durability.

4 ways Internet can cheer you up

The internet has its honest percentage of critics. From information harvesting to fake information to the vitriol it permits people to direct at every other from at the back of a keyboard and regularly anonymously, you could be fallacious for thinking that it is the worst invention inside the records of the sector.

Truth is, it isn’t. Sometimes the net may be remarkable and it’s typically at its best in case you are feeling sad or lonely. That’s because it’s far a wonderful place to locate some thing that may lift your mood in an on the spot. Whether or not it’s reading approximately any individual else who has finished some thing even more stupid than you or watching a video of an animal sounding like a human, there may be something out there in cyberspace to make every body smile.

Here are 4 approaches in which the internet can assist to cheer you up

Reading memories about other humans’s stupidity

There is no better therapy for feeling down than studying something humorous. Whether you want to examine about any individual who’s stupidity places into the shade the truth that you’ve spent six hours locked out of your own home after forgetting your keys, or if it’s miles just some thing from the excellent Darwin Awards, the net is a goldmine for hilarious tales. Take the internet site Apex Beats as an example – who isn’t cheered up by using a tale about a robber from Melbourne who receives caught in a tumbler sliding door and falls down an escalator at some point of his attempted get away?

Check out funny films

Reading a funny tale to cheer us up is one issue – looking someone make a entire fool of themselves is even better. That’s probably why YouTube has one billion unique customers every month. Such classics as “Goat Yelling Like a Man” which includes, properly, you may in all likelihood guess and “Jesus Christ Fenton” wherein a man forlornly attempts to catch his dog who is having a first rate time chasing a few deer round a park in England will in no way fail to raise a grin.

Read a few satirical reporting of the days massive news

One of the fine things about the internet is the explosion within the reputation of satire. Previously, you’d should have purchased a expert magazine or watched past due night tv to catch a satirical study the times massive information. Now, thanks to web sites inclusive of The Onion, you’re only some clicks away from a news supply that is inclined to make fun of the whole thing and some thing.

Use social media to peer what your friends are as much as and relive great reminiscences

Social media isn’t all bad – it is able to provide you with a few first rate amusement. Whether it’s seeing a video of your fine buddy’s pre-college kids doing some thing cute and funny on Facebook or seeing your preferred comic tweeting about President Trump, you’re never a long way faraway from fun. You also can use Timehop and On This Day capabilities to appearance back at all the humorous things that happened between you and pals through the years, that can offer a superb select-me-up