3 disgusting health mistakes



Quitting smoking isn’t going to magically reverse the effects of the habit, but quitting long-term can start to bring health benefits. The risk of heart disease reduces by 50 per cent for a quitter one year on. After five years going without smoking the risk of a stroke is considered the same as a non-smoker, and after 15 years of abstaining the heart disease risk is considered the same as a non-smoker. The risk of cancer also decreases among quitters, and the effects of premature ageing will be slowed significantly.




Years of inactivity can be a hard habit to break, but there is a price to pay if you don’t get active.


Long periods of inactivity are known to contribute towards heart disease and diabetes, but researchers at Duke University Medical Center have suggested that moderate exercise can start to reverse the impact. If you are getting back to exercise after a long period away, then start slowly and ease yourself back in. Maybe you need to get the go ahead from a health professional before getting started, but once you are clear to get started, then how about setting some short-term (such as running your first race) and longer-term fitness goals (such as running a marathon).



Poor Diet

Your dietary choices can really come back to haunt you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it now. Years of bad food choices can do serious damage to your health, but some of this can be reversed by making changes to your diet. Reduce your intake of saturated fats (found in foods such as processed meats and hard cheeses), trans fats (found in fried foods, biscuits, and cakes), and salt and sugar. Substitute your previous poor choices for healthier options and try and increase your intake of fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and omega-3-rich oily fish

2 good habits to improve your day


Give Back

Doing something kind for someone else is a great way of giving your own mood a little boost too. It could be as simple as buying some flowers to cheer up a friend or relative. Giving something back has the potential to not only make their day, but make you feel better too.



List All The Good Things

The power of positive thinking can be harnessed simply by taking some time to look back and think upon everything that makes you happy, whether it be life in general or just what has happened that day so far. Oprah was one of the first people to promote the idea of a ‘gratitude journal’, a simple notebook that you can use to list everything you are thankful for and the idea has caught on.

Top 2 money saving motivation


Create A Spreadsheet

Instead of constantly trying to work things out in your head and making rough estimates on how much money you have left for the month, make things a whole lot easier by creating a spreadsheet. At first glance, these can seem a little daunting but it’s really easy once you get used to it and there are many free spreadsheet websites online which work out all the sums for you. By having your outgoings on a list in front of you, you can identify what you’re saving on and what you perhaps need to cut back on.



Avoid Shopping When You’re Feeling Emotional Or Hungry

You’re feeling a little down in the dumps but you need a new work shirt – bad idea. Turn around, get back inside the house, lock the doors, and ask someone to hide your keys right now – if you’re feeling emotional there’s a high chance you will end up splurging on stuff you don’t really need to give you a quick happiness boost. After spending five minutes looking for a shirt, you return with a few tins of paint to revamp the house, a new wardrobe of clothes, and a mop for the kitchen floor, but the new work shirt is nowhere to be seen.


Whilst these spur-of-the-moment purchases may uplift your mood for an hour or two, the initial high will soon wear off and you’ll be left feeling worse as you realise you’re left with nothing more than a few bargains and an empty bank account. For a thriftier approach to shopping, go when you’re in a pretty good mood and – whatever you do

Best ways to motivate yourself


Read Your Diary

You might be having a bad day or feeling a little low, but a great way to have a giggle while boosting your self-esteem is to take a peek through an old diary. Perhaps you kept one as a teen or when you first started school, but however old you were there’s bound to be lots of cringe-worthy content. You can read and smile knowing how far you have come since embarrassing school,   university moments.



Talk To Yourself

When you have low self-esteem you may notice that your positive energy goes into other people and not yourself. The charity Mind advises to ‘get into the habit of thinking and saying positive things about yourself to yourself’. Before leaving the house for work or a night out, stand in front of the mirror and pretend the reflection isn’t you – it’s a friend. Compliment them on their hair, their outfit or their complexion like you would to someone else

Do this when you feel down


Put Yourself First

Putting yourself before others once in awhile isn’t being selfish in the bad sense of the word; it’s liberating and self-esteem boosting. Doing this reminds you that you’re just as important as everybody else and that it’s vital to look after Number One. We’re not saying to let doors close in others’ faces, but choosing a bath and a take-out instead of cooking for your spouse, or choosing your favourite feel-good gym class over drinks with colleagues doesn’t make you egocentric. It’s liberating to know what’s good for you and that you have the confidence to sometimes put yourself first.



Do Something Out Of Character

The same routine day in and day out can eventually leave you feeling a little flat and in need of a boost. When there’s little excitement or change in our lives our self-esteem can suffer as we feel as though we do not lead exciting lives or do interesting things. Dismiss this perception by doing something totally random; whether it’s going for a run on the beach and watching the sunrise or signing up for a marathon. Just surprise yourself (and your friends) by doing something out of character

Boost your happiness at work

If your work day often leaves you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it is time to calm things down by getting more organised.

Firstly, make sure you arrive a few minutes early for work to give you time to get mentally prepared for the day.

Secondly, organise your space by clearing away any clutter – this includes clearing your desk and deleting old emails.

Finally, make a list of everything that you need to do that day in order of priority. If you can, try taking care of the more difficult things first to help take a weight off your mind.

Tips for adventure racing

1. Attend an adventure racing training camp or clinic

The time and money invested in a race clinic will be more than worth it. Several companies offer day or weekend courses where race experts will teach you everything you need to know from orienteering, nutrition and race planning to kayaking down white water rapids. The course will culminate with the race itself, putting all you have learned to the test.


2. Practice bike navigation

No matter how good you are at navigating on foot with a map and compass, take some time to practice map reading and navigating whilst on your bike before entering a race. The increased speed initially makes map reading trickier. A top race tip is to go ‘flat out’ between checkpoints for maximum speed but when you are within 200m of your next checkpoint ease off the speed so you can start your search for the checkpoint – rather than speeding past it and losing valuable time and points

Health myths busted

Eating Late Makes You Gain Weight

You’ve probably consistently been told by people that eating late in the evening will make you put on more weight than eating at other times, but there is little evidence to support this. In fact, researchers at Dunn Nutrition Centre and Oregon Health & Science University have suggested that this view is a complete myth. They concluded that while skipping meals earlier in the day can lead to bingeing out in the evening, it is not when people eat that makes a difference but rather what they eat and the amount they eat. So long as the calories consumed are burnt off, it doesn’t matter what time of the day you consume them.


Reading In A Dimly Lit Setting Ruins Your Eyesight

If you’ve spent years reading by candlelight, torchlight or other dim light then fret no more. Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis have concluded that reading in a dimly lit setting does not cause any permanent damage to your eyesight. While it might cause dry eyes or eye strain at the time, the effects are temporary. Good news too for those of you who tend to sit in rather close proximity to the TV – it won’t ruin your eyesight, despite what your mother may have told you

3 ways to stay healthy on a budget

Free Health Apps
The apps on mobile phone and pill gadgets are yet some other craze to comb thru the world of era, and that they make retaining healthy and healthy even easier. With the help of a available app for your cellular, you may now music the whole thing out of your workout on your consuming behavior and get tonnes of recommendation at the equal time. While some of those apps may cost a little, many of them are free so there’s no want to spend a fortune on dietary advice or spend hours trawling via internet pages. Just search for unfastened fitness and health apps from your smartphone and also you’re desirable to move!

Meal Planning
Planning your meals ahead is a good manner to lessen the grocery invoice and make certain you get all the vitamins essential to your wholesome way of life. When you buy your food in advance, you may plan out what number of energy you’ll eat every day and make certain you incorporate enough fruit and veg. When you’re in a hurry and you’re grabbing a sandwich off the shelf, both your healthful life-style and thoughts about your financial institution stability appear to go out the window, so meal planning is the way forward in relation to healthful consuming on a budget.

Make Your Meals From Home
While it can be greater tempting to grab a prepared-made meal from the shop on your manner to or from work, it’s inexpensive and healthier if you may withstand temptation and put together your own food. By making your own meals, you’re on top of things of what goes into the food; no preservatives and no greater salt or pointless calories are usually an amazing move. You can manipulate the component length too; make larger quantities and keep a number of it in a sealed field within the fridge or freezer so that you can dip into it for the duration of the relaxation of the week

3 things where you are wasting money right now

Bottled Water
With all of these clean water springs, tumbling waterfalls and snowy mountains pictured on the front of maximum water bottles, it’s hardly unexpected that we’re extra tempted to pluck a elaborate bottle from the shelf as opposed to resorting to the trusty kitchen tap. Research from the Environmental Working Group in Washington determined that bottled water isn’t any better for you than faucet water and expenses round 1900 instances the rate. Indeed, H20 is H20 and whether or not it comes from the Scottish highlands or your kitchen tap, it’s all pretty much the same so it’s not really worth losing your cash and the world’s assets on bottled water. If you’re searching out something purer than tap water, spend money on a water clear out.

Washing Clothes
No, we’re not suggesting you stop washing your clothes. If you’ve were given hard stains then warm water is high-quality, but it’s a whole lot extra comparatively cheap to apply a decrease temperature, in addition to reducing the risk of you shrinking any of your clothes.

Cheap Items
We tend to suppose we’re saving cash while we attain for the most inexpensive shoes instead of splurging at the unnecessarily costly ones, however this isn’t continually the case. Cheap objects usually reflect their first-rate and it really works out an entire lot less expensive within the lengthy-run in case you purchase higher quality objects. Don’t steer clean of all cheap objects for all time; own emblem merchandise for your nearby grocery/meals store are generally a comparable item but in less fancy packaging so it makes feel to shop for the cheaper one. Do bear in thoughts even though that steeply-priced merchandise including televisions, equipment, garments, and add-ons are priced better because they’ll closing longer