How to stay optimistic


Create Some Positive Mantras

While many of us believe our happiness – or lack thereof – is based on external things, we’re often the ones holding ourselves back. Many of us go through our days feeding ourselves negative messages we may not even be aware of, convincing ourselves we’re “not good enough”, “not clever enough” or “not attractive enough”. To start thinking more positively, you need to change these messages. Try to look out for negative thoughts that pop into your head and replace them with positive messages. Write down these positive mantras and repeat them on a daily basis.



Focus On Your Success

Most of us are happy to acknowledge other people’s successes and accomplishments; however, when it comes to our own, we frequently play them down or ignore them entirely. To start thinking more positively about yourself, you need to regularly remind yourself of what you have – and can – achieve. Stop listening to your inner critic, reflect on your past achievements, and start to really appreciate your success and what you have to offer.

Why do we choose certain type of music

Music downloads make it much easier to make personalised playlists which match our individual running requirements. Many of us choose tracks because we associate them with a memorable moment, or simply just because we love the music.


Tempo is also frequently a key factor in what music we choose – and much depends on the intensity of the exercise we’re doing. For example, when heading off on a long run or cycle, you don’t want the music to be too fast-paced at the start because this might make you go off too fast, causing you to burn out too soon. Your choice of music should instead match the pace at which you want to go at the various stages.


Somebody doing a quick cardiovascular session, of say 20 minutes on a treadmill, may want to go hard at it for the full session, and so they may want something with a fast tempo for the duration – whereas people doing a steady-paced activity such as lifting weights will want music with an equally steady tempo.

2 things you should not waste money on


Magazine Subscriptions

Talking about paying for things you don’t use, let’s discuss magazine subscriptions. If you’re making excuses like “I would have read every issue of that magazine if I had more time”, it’s a good cue to cancel your subscription. Half the time we don’t even read the magazines that get delivered to our door and they simply lie around gathering dust. Would you have bought this month’s magazine from the shop if you weren’t already subscribed? The answer is probably no. If you want to see all the latest car designs, makeup trends, or healthy eating articles, the internet is brimming with them, and it’s all free!



Fast Food

Fast food is another huge waste of money that does no good for either you or your bank account. Despite all of the “value meals” that fast food restaurants and takeaways offer, it adds up to a pretty hefty sum by the time you’ve included your drinks and fries. Work out how much it would be to have one fast food meal per day and then times it by seven to work out how much that would cost. Think of all the groceries you can buy from the supermarket with that amount of money!

Boost your work ethic

Wear A Mood-Boosting Outfit

While many of us are required to wear a uniform or adhere to a dress code for work, if you do have more freedom to dress as you wish, try opting for clothes or accessories that boost your mood.

Whether you opt for a piece of jewellery that reminds you of a special memory or a colourful bag to brighten up your day. That confidence-boosting outfit, adding something special to your worn-in work attire, can really brighten your day and make you feel happy within yourself.


Add Some Variety To Your Working Day

They say variety is the spice of life and this is never truer than when it comes to your working day.

Following the same routine day in, day out can quickly cause boredom and dissatisfaction to set in, so try making every day a little different.

Try doing routine tasks in a different order, talking to someone new or taking a different route to work – perhaps even using a different mode of transport, such as cycling, if you can.

If you really can’t shake up your work day itself, instead try organising something fun and different to do on your lunch break every couple of days. An evening meal with friends is also a good way to have something to look forward too at the end of the day – a sure fire way to make the day go quicker

Make your work life healthier


Embrace Deskercise

As you type away furiously at your keyboard, chances are, the rest of your body isn’t moving a great deal. No bother, you’ll make up for it at the gym? If only!


According to Dr Stuart Biddle, Professor of Physical Activity & Health at Loughborough University, “even if you exercise for at least 30 minutes most days, you are still storing up health problems from being sedentary too much.” For this reason, it’s important that you make a conscious effort to be active around the office.


When you’re in the zone and busily completing tasks, it’s hard to tear yourself away from the screen. In which case, embrace deskercise! We’re talking leg raises, desk twists, even tricep dips if your seat is sturdy enough. The more movement, the better.


Keep It Casual

If the office dress code is strictly suits, this may be tricky. But wherever possible, try to keep your work wardrobe casual. What it may lack in professional graces, it makes up for in health benefits, agrees the American Council On Exercise. They claim that “wearing casual clothing every day for 50 weeks of work translates into burning an additional 125 calories per week and 6,250 calories per year,” as you’re more likely to get up and move around if you’re wearing breathable, comfortable clothes and shoes

Workout at work

The employer’s and employee’s views about work workouts

Countless studies have identified that fit, healthy and happy workers are more productive, enjoy their work more, and importantly take far fewer days off due to sickness. So for an employer, it makes sense to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle in the workplace, as this will attract a better calibre of employee, encourage staff commitment, and reduce staff turnover. From the employee’s point of view, an employer who provides additional benefits such as the chance to work out is an employer that everyone would like to work for — and so it follows that successfully appointed staff are likely to enjoy their work and working environment more.


The health and fitness view about work workouts

Frequently, by the time you arrive home, either family demands on your time or simply that ‘end-of-the-day feeling’ can mean that your planned trip to the gym, exercise class or running club just doesn’t happen. Exercise is a proven energiser, which means that at the end of a workout you will actually have more energy, and you’ll be invigorated and feel a million miles away from that desire to slump in a chair at the end of the day. With your ‘work out at work club’, you can also include a variety of workout timing options to fit in with your schedule — which can bring extra benefits such as saving travelling time to the gym, missing the bulk of the rush hour traffic, and helping your post-lunchtime work focus so that you are more efficient

3 ways to live a happy life


Get A Pet

Owning a pet has a surprising amount of health benefits for the owner, according to a series of studies. Ownership of a pet, particularly a dog, means people are more active. Animals are known to reduce anxiety both from the actual physical comfort from stroking them, but also because they are a distraction and something pleasant to focus on. They are also good friends to many and provide a source of amusement, making us laugh.


Exercise More

Exercise is known to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity. It keeps joints, tendons and ligaments flexible, and contributes to mental well-being by helping treat depression, relive stress and anxiety. Exercise also aids better sleep. Even if you are pushed for time, exercise could be gained simply by walking up stairs rather than taking the elevator, or even try walking or cycling on shorter journeys rather than taking the car.


Eat More Fruit And Vegetables

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help ward off heart disease and stroke, control blood pressure and cholesterol, and prevent some types of cancer. It is recommended to eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

3 ways to make the most out of a day


Make Plans

Decide during the week exactly what it is you’re aiming to do at the weekend. Jot everything down so you know what your weekend plan is well in advance. This doesn’t mean you can’t allow for a bit of spontaneity here and there, of course, but in the main you should know what it is you want to get out of your weekend. If you don’t have any plans, you will very often end up doing nothing!


Set Yourself A Challenge

Falling into a routine can often lead to feelings of boredom, so why not use your weekend to try a new challenge that will also improve your fitness? runclusive is a virtual events platform with a difference, which lets you experience virtually running in cities around the world. It’s a great way to keep pushing yourself to try new challenges every weekend, as you earn points for all your runs which can be exchanged for rewards. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to raise money for your favourite charity, which will give you an unmatched feeling of fulfilment!


Get Outdoors

Admittedly the weather is not always on our side — but if you’re prepared for whatever the elements might throw at you, then you shouldn’t be too concerned about getting out into the fresh air. Simply get outdoors and go for a walk, run, hike, cycle — or anything else you can think of! It’s amazing how getting a bit of exercise and fresh air will leave you energized — and if you share the experience with others, then that’s an added bonus

3 weird funs you can do


Avoid Routine

Our lives sometimes get in a rut, and we do the same old things week-in, week-out. Often this is because our jobs force us into these routines — but at the weekend, you will have time to break them. Jolt yourself into a whole new weekend frame of mind by trying something different, taking up invitations, and avoiding the thoughts of what you usually do on a Saturday or Sunday.


Find A New Hobby

Getting a new hobby can help you fulfill some of the other tips mentioned here. If you join a club, it’s likely you’ll have set plans most weekends and will have new friends to meet — plus your activity could well be outdoors. It will also help to break up a dull routine, and will give you something to look forward to. Alternatively, your new hobby could be something that you enjoy doing by yourself, and could be the ‘time out’ that you need in your weekend.


Get Sporty!

Admittedly, not everyone will be able to carry their legs around a football field for 90 minutes on a Sunday morning, but if you can do a little physical activity, you will feel great and get good health benefits. Alternatively, you could get outdoors and watch some sport first-hand, rather than watching it on TV. The weekend is when most sporting activity takes place — so why not get out of the house and see a game of football, rugby, basketball or another sport? It may even inspire you to start playing the sport yourself!

Reverse your health mistakes



Aside from threat to your health from overexposure to the sun, there is also the matter of lines and wrinkles to tackle if you’ve spent years sun worshiping. While we can’t promise you’ll get your complexion of old back, you can start to take steps to reverse the signs of sun damage. Using a hydrating moisturiser can help, as can eating certain wrinkle-busting foods such as strawberries, avocados, blackcurrants, cucumbers, tomatoes, salmon and spinach. It is also vital to wear sun protection every day – not just when it is sunny.



Bad Posture

Years of slouching can catch up with you and left unchecked it can lead to problems such as back pain and reduced mobility. But it’s not too late to start working on your posture and eliminating slouching from your bad habits. Working on your core and improving your flexibility can go a long way towards righting some long-term wrongs. Findings published in the American Journal of Public Health suggest that elderly people participating in yoga can help to correct spine curvature