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Carnivorous Plants for Sale and Venus fly trap terrarium at Nature Gift store

Many carnivorous plants have developed adaptive features, especially in areas where the soil is poor in nutrients. Carnivorous plants, like other flowering plants, utilize deception to attract insects. These plants have evolved unique leaves that attract and then capture unwary insects.

Who would have thought plants could be carnivorous? Well, they can be, and they eat anything from foraging insects to arachnids. Some have been known to eat frogs and even rats. However, they don’t eat as animals would; they have a special way of extracting the nutrients they require from their prey. Don’t worry; humans can’t be hurt by this plant, even if you find yourself on a bed of carnivorous plants.

More than 600 species of this type of plant have been discovered, although some are extinct. Some of these plants are:

• The California pitcher plant
• The Venus flytrap
• Round-leaved sundew
• Purple pitcher plant
• Common butterwort
• Yellow pitcher plant

Other examples of carnivorous plants include tropical pitcher plants and North American pitcher plants.

These are just a few of the carnivorous plants still around today. However, the Venus fly trap is the most popular species, and people even have Venus flytraps as their houseplants.

Venus flytrap as a houseplant

This carnivorous plant is the most popular insectivorous houseplant. It is an intriguing plant in your house because of its special features. It generally consumes flying insects, occasionally spiders and crawling insects. But since you will be keeping it in an indoor space, you will need to get this insect yourself. Typically, one insect is enough for 1-2 weeks, so a pack of dried fly larvae, for instance, will probably last an entire year.

Caring for your carnivorous plants

First of all, you need to get a terrarium for your plant. After this, you need to make sure it is placed in an area with enough sunlight. These plants don’t require much water but make sure the soil is moderately moist and moderately dry during the winter. Don’t use tap water for watering. Instead, use distilled or rainwater for such purposes. Tap water contains certain minerals that some plants are sensitive to. That is why tap water should be avoided.

Furthermore, the temperature and humidity should be just enough not to cause any damage to your carnivorous plants. It is nothing even a novice can’t handle. However, make sure you are familiar with certain steps while growing your carnivorous plant. Any mishap might lead to a poorly cultivated plant that often looks weak and unhealthy.

Lastly, carnivorous plants make great houseplants if properly taken care of.

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