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8 Tips To Make Your Smaller Bedroom Appear Larger!



Sometimes it can be challenging for us to make a small bedroom appear large. However, with proper design techniques, you can make your small bedroom appear dreamy and bigger. Choosing storage solutions wisely to various multitasking furniture can be great ideas to follow.


Some DIY Tricks to make your Small Room look Large


1) Hold on to a limited colour pattern


Stick with light colours to paint your walls. Lighter colours reflect the light and make the room seem bigger. Select a light-coloured bed sheet and pillow for your bed.



2) Let the Natural light in 


You can let the natural light come inside your bedroom. It makes the small area feel airy and open. However, the effects of natural light from outside can enlarge the space to appear.


3) Utilize storage space 


You can maximize the storage space of your bedroom. Remember that floor-to-ceiling units always make use of every inch of the bedroom. So in a single unit, you can brilliantly incorporate a drawer, shelf for books, coffee table, and bedside table.


4) Try to use your Windows


Instead of keeping your bed at the centre of the bedroom, you can try to tuck it into your window space. It will make your room look big, and you can maximize the space. You can even opt for open windows. It gives your room a charming view and maximizes the use of natural light.


5) Avoid Full-size bed


Instead of using a full-size bed, put a futon or sofa cum bed in the bedroom. By putting these furnishings, you can maximize space in the bedroom.


6) Mirror usage


One of the best classic tricks that work wonders to create the illusion of space is with mirrors. A mirrored wall doubles the space visually. Mirrors not only reflect the light but also build height and depth.


7) Have Customized Furniture


Opt for custom furniture. It is a worthwhile investment. Customized bedside table light, relax cum lounge chair can make every inch of the floor classic and spacious.




A small bedroom will appear big if you are keeping it organized and clean with small tricks. Try to put furniture in a way so that your carpet area of the bedroom looks large. Simple designs with correct colour palettes and patterns will make the bedroom visually appealing and a larger appearance.

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