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3 Powerful Google My Business Features | Piama Media Labs

Google My Business Features recently released which are most likely passed you by but could make a massive difference to your online visibility.If you want to know what they are before your competitors find out just stick with this article. We talk about the best tools tips and ways to help you promote your local business online step-by-step and take by. Every local business owner needs to know from search engine optimization through social media our goal is to educate you through this article so you can drive more visitors to your business and ultimately make more money.

1. Number one : Add a request quote button to your listing if you are a service provider such as a dental click or an education consultant. Now you can now add a button directly into your Google listing. So people who come across your profile and request a quote for the services you provide. which will be sent to your phone in just one click.

This new feature to be activated you need to do two things first if you haven’t done it already install the Google my business app on your once installed logged into the Google my business using the same email address you use for your Google my business listing. Once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions you will be redirected to a panel where all the information related to your Google listing will be displayed such as the latest activities on your profile your business reviews reporting and many more.

The second thing you have to do is to enable the messaging option on the app. Tap on the customer tab at the bottom of your screen by default you will see your customer reviews listed in there. At the top of the screen tap the messages on the screen you should see a note for the messaging feature allowing this feature will enable customers viewing your listing to message you directly. Reply back to questions share information and quickly connect for free. Tap the turn on the button this will automatically turn on the messaging functionality and unable the request record button.

Now go to Google and search for your business on your listing you should see a new blue button right under the reviews labeled request a quote. Visitors can now submit the request directly to you using this button as soon as they do, you will receive an instant notification on your Google my business app to which you can respond straight away.